• Cultural Heritage
    The EU respects its rich cultural and linguistic diversity, and ensures that Europe’s cultural heritage is safeguarded and enhanced
  • Transport & Mobility
    With growing freight and passenger transport, pollution and congestion risk is aggravating. EU policies are aiming at creating a form of mobility that is sustainable, energy-efficient and respectful of the environment.
  • Climate change and sustainable energy
    The EU has realised that it is essential to quickly move towards an integrated energy and environment policy based on clear targets and timetables for moving to a low-carbon economy and saving energy.
  • Urban and Rural Development
    The EU will pursue its Lisbon objectives more successfully if all regions are able to play their part. Cities are particularly important in this context. Cities are home to most jobs, firms and institutes of higher education and their action is decisive in bringing about social cohesion.
  • Environment
    EU environment policy helps to protect Europe’s natural capital, encourages business to green the EU economy, and safeguards the health and wellbeing of people living in the EU



The European Affairs Alliance (EAA) is a strategic cooperation between four companies highly specialised in EU affairs and EU funding programmes. The member companies are Grants Europe Consulting,  EU-LiaisonHBH Euroconsulting and Starter. Cooperation between these companies provides you with a unique range of services mainly targeting public authorities or other public or semi-public organisations. You have access to EU funding programmes, project partners and key decision-makers all over the EU. 

  1. Highly specialized consultants
    Together the companies in the Alliance are employing j consultants who have built up significant expertise in various EU policy sectors.
    There is a continuous knowledge exchange between experts in the various companies which guarantees that the clients of the EEA always benefit from state of the art information and expertise.
  2. Europe wide presence

    The EEA companies are working in all European countries. Starter has also links with clients in North African countries. This Europe wide presence and database of clients guarantees that the EAA has the capacity to establish balanced partnerships for EU cooperation projects

  3. Wide variety and complementarity of services

    Companies of the EAA are capable to cover the full project development and management cycle. They also have the know how in house to deliver feasibility studies on various topics e.g. linked to urban and rural development, socio/economic development, sustainable transport and healthy growth. In the interest of the client the EAA companies are complementing each other in these tasks to ensure that the client always gets the latest state of the art information.